About the Searcy Family

Tom and Joan Searcy are dedicated volunteers who have supported Seton Medical Center Hays since it opened eight years ago.

During their weekly shifts at Seton Hays, you can find the Searcys in the Emergency Department where they see firsthand the excellent care provided by Seton Hays’ clinical staff.

“It takes a good education to do what they [the clinical staff] do every day,” says Tom. “But nowadays it is so expensive to go to school. We just want to help some of them pursue the education they need to enter, or advance in, the health care field. We have a passion to support this.”

That passion led to a very generous gift to the Seton Hays Foundation to create The Searcy Family Health Professions Scholarship Endowment. The endowment provides annual scholarships to help support nursing and other allied health student employees in Hays County.

“Growing up, we really didn’t have anything to give away,” explains Tom. “But we were raised with the philosophy that you give back to the community when you can. We’ve been blessed with more than we need, so it was time to put back some of the money where we made it.”

“We raised four kids who have gone on to college and are self-sufficient,” explains Joan. “We know that establishing this endowment isn’t hurting our kids in any way or their futures. And, we’re not denying ourselves in any way. If you’ve been blessed enough to have something to give… give back.”